New Starts, Old Pasts

I always believed I was misunderstood. That people didn’t see the real and that even my voice was not my own. I realised I made mistakes often so I was always trying to learn, that is positive but not if you keep missing the point. You wouldn’t believe I am a typical depressed person with that level of positivity, right? From now onwards I want to blog about my life, my mental health problems and the time I have spent trying to discover myself. To share my lows and highs, to be able to live positively instead of life filled with turmoil and aggrivation.

Mental health is something we all have good or bad. For me I don’t think it has ever been healthy but thankfully at times it hasn’t caused me too many problems. The problem with having mental health problems is that you have to learn to manage yourself and the world around you. Who you are friends with because if you spend time with certain people you find yourself feeling out of control. You go out partying and suddenly find yourself taking cocaine and licking it off an aquaintances fingers like a party whore. I am to blame for that behaviour I cannot blame anyone else but certain people seem to set my life on fire, there is something about them and I want to be in there world.

Mental health has been something I have suffered with and learned to manage for as long as I can remember.  We can all make steps to make ourselves better at coping with challenges in our own lives. Even the most stable person can be challenged in their personal life, occupation, knowing themselves and surviving every day monotonous life.  Stigma related to mental health problems and disorders baffles me, we all have a mind and thoughts and if our bodies can get become ill, be in disregulation and get injured why not our minds.

I am writing this blog to hopefully develop my writing skills but also to share my thoughts with you.